Letang Green Valley Academy,is an English medium co-educational secondary boarding school established in 2052 BS. It is located to the heart of Letang municipality, north morang. The school is running under the sole proprietorship with full co- ordinate

on of trained, experienced and qualified subject teacher round .With an aim to ensure the all-round development of children, the school focuses on scholastic as well as extra curricular activities with a substantial priority so that they can stand boldly against the numerous ups and downs of life as they grow up and embark on to their respective careers.

It has extended in own land of 10 kattas with two buildings each of three storey with well- furnished and airy classrooms, a school bus and hostel facilities to needy students. The institution is dedicated to teach discipline and life long appreciation for learning, encourage, independence and co-operation among sense of national pride. It has been a leading school among the private schools in Letang. Letang Green Valley Academy appeared its first SLC in 2062BS and running Grade eleven in Management from 2076 BS.

Despite several circumstances it has successfully completed 24 years of dedicated service in providing quality education and looking forward to celebrate its 25 years of anniversary ( Silver Jubilee) in 2077BS. The school family always expects good support, co-operations and criticism as well from guardians and well wishers. This institution has determined to provide congenial environment and better facilities to the students in the forth coming days.



Vision of the School :

-         Enable students to learn in an environment that stimulate their interests in whatever they strive to learn.

-         Develop as an excellent academic hub and uplift all kinds human races who are still deprived of quality education.

Objectives :

-         Create good manners, discipline and initiate progressive learning for life, for the society and for the country.

-         Inculcate the value of life and education in life in the minds of innocent children.

Mission :

-         Cater to academic enhancement with approach to dynamic educational procedure in the nation.

General Rules of School :

-         Before the Assembly bell rings at 9:45 AM, all the students are supposed to reach the assembly ground.

-         On everyday assembly, there will be speech of the two students responsibly and hygiene check up.

-         Students should come in proper and prescribed uniform. It is not advisable for children to use jewelries and valuable ornaments. The school is not responsible for its safety.

-         No child is allowed to leave the school premises without the prior permission of school authority.

-         Students are responsible for safe custody of their books and belongings.

-         Students must communicate purely in English medium as long as they are in school compounds. Fine shall be imposed for speaking Nepali.

-         School compounds and all the classes are under the CC TV surveillance. So students should not be failed to maintain discipline in the school compounds and classes, otherwise any kind of  punishment shall be imposed by the school administration.

Admission Procedure :

-         Child having reached the age of two-and-half years can apply for admission in Play Group with photocopy of birth certificate.

-         It is essential to produce birth certificate and character and transfer certificate for other classes.

-         Admission shall be strictly on merit basis.

-         A written entrance examination will be taken for higher classes.

Examinations :

-         Four terminal examinations will be conducted in an academic year. Each of the first three terms carries 20 marks and the final term carries 40 marks.

-         Results of terminal examination will be provided to the parents. Parents can check answer sheet of all the terminal exams of their children if they are interested.

-         A student should have at least 75% attendance to appear the final examination.

Fee Procedure :

-         The school tuition fee covers twelve calendar months and should be paid in monthly installment basis. No reduction will be made for holidays and pupils are liable to be charged as long as their names are officially registered.

-         If monthly fee of whole year is paid within Jestha, one month fee will be deducted. If fee of preceding month is paid within 5th of running month 5% discount will be given in monthly fee.

-         For three students of a same parents smallest child among three will be given monthly fee scholarship and for more than three students, student of highest grade will be given monthly fee scholarship.

-         Examination fee should be paid before the exam or else the student will not be allowed to sit in exam.

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